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Job search stories from the front line

sorryLooking for a job isn’t all that amusing, but there’s no need to cry. Humor runs rampant as part of job search — for instance, the responses you get from companies after you’ve applied for one of their once-in-a-lifetime jobs. Breaking the bad news to an applicant has taken on a decidedly clever flair. Here are some examples:

After careful review of your application, we found that your qualifications were not the best match for this job opening. Often, we face the difficult decision of turning away many promising candidates, so we hope you’ll take this more as a reflection of the intense competition rather than of your qualifications.”

I’m all about competition. And is “best match” kind of like

Your information was evaluated against a very competitive group of candidates and we opted not to move forward with your application at this time.”

So will you “move forward” with my application next week? Maybe?

Now it’s time to get back to work. Maybe I can help organizations craft their “no thanks, good luck” notes to applicants who didn’t make the cut.

I’m available.

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