Animal abuse, domestic violence are connected

dog-abuse 2Beating a dog can indicate even darker tendencies

Hopefully the young man in this Dallas News story – a college football player – gets help. I couldn’t watch the video as part of the story.


Cruelty to animals at veterinary clinic defies description



If you don’t know already, there’s one thing you should realize about me. I love animals, dogs in particular. That’s why the recent news about the veterinarian in Fort Worth is so horrifying.

Dr. Millard L. Tierce of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic was arrested this week on an animal cruelty charge, stemming from the lack of care given to his personal pet, a border collie kept at the clinic. The arrest warrant is chilling. He surrendered to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department about 7 p.m. Wednesday and was released soon after on a $10,000 bond. But there’s more, much more. A family says instead of euthanizing their sick pet the vet secretly kept the dog alive for blood transfusions.

A long-time vet, Dr. Tierce has his supporters. I’m sure throughout his career he’s helped some of his patients and pet parents, but that doesn’t excuse what’s come to light. Admittedly, why some of these dog owners didn’t ask questions in a timely manner when things seemed suspicious is worthy of discussion. Why some of the Clinic’s employees didn’t speak up, surely aware of what was happening, is also baffling to me. (The “whistleblower” in this case is a former Clinic employee.)

Horrifying? Yes. Unconscionable? Yes. Scary? Yes.

But does it really matter what word, or words, we use to describe this? Righteous indignation? Oh, yes.

How do I feel? Just plain sad.